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The CCP’s Three Morality Crimes That the World Has Yet to Address

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call to the world. As a result, the United States and the Western world have gained a better understanding of the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and therefore have started to go after it for its crimes: from imposing “one country, one system” on Hong Kong to persecuting Uyghurs in Xinjiang; from proliferating nuclear technology and providing financial support to Iran to violating consumer privacy on software and equipment, and from the slow but inexorable appropriation of other’s land to the complete disregard for keeping its word.

However, the world has not yet taken material, decisive action against the CCP for three of its major crimes against humanity. These crimes violate human morality so significantly that if we don’t act on them and if we continue to look the other way, then we of the human race will continue to live in a broken moral container under the CCP’s shadow. In addition, religious practitioners will not be able to stand before our Creator and tell Him we have been following His Way.

The first crime is the CCP’s treating the organs of living human beings as fertile ground for harvesting. Many of the victims are prisoners of conscience that the CCP wants to eliminate, with Falun Gong practitioners being the primary target, and Uyghurs being the second. Who knows what other groups the CCP will pick next?

The Western media seldom report this crime, but that does not mean this crime hasn’t happened or is not still happening. Chinascope reported a recent “unbelievable” case in which, in order to conduct a heart transplant, Chinese doctors collected four hearts within ten days. All had the matching type and all were “readily available” in time. Then the communist regime applauded itself for saving a life. {1}

The Europe Parliament, the U.S. Congress, and many organizations have condemned the CCP’s organ harvesting practice. The most recent significant development on this issue was the China Tribunal in London which confirmed the CCP’s practice in its Final Judgment on June 17, 2019. {2}

Yet, no government has taken concrete action against the CCP for this crime.

However, this crime has dramatically subverted human being’s ethical integrity in a way that we cannot ignore. Nor can we pretend it has not happened.

Many people may not fully grasp what “live organ harvesting” means. In China it means that the CCP decides, against your will and against the will of your family members and loved ones, that vital organs needed to sustain your life, can be removed from your body and put in another person’s body after which, as a result of the CCP’s decision, you die and your body is (most likely) cremated.

There is no country in the world that has entrusted its government with the power to decide that a person should be killed so that his organs can be taken out and given to another person. Where did the CCP get such power? Didn’t this violate the most fundamental right to which we believe every human is entitled: the right to live?

The second crime that the CCP has committed is its thought-control over the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Through media control, Internet control that includes the “great fire wall,” and such methods as arresting, persecuting or disappearing people, the CCP decides what people can and cannot read, hear or say and thus perpetuates the myth that the party is “great, glorious, and correct.”

People may not realize how significant this crime is to the Chinese people.

Our philosophical thinking is what sets human beings apart from animals. Humans have the ability to think and reason abstractly. “I think, therefore I am.” When the CCP takes away the Chinese people’s ability to think and even programs their thinking, are they still human or do they become some kind of CCP-made mindless robot?

Often, those who do think things through, who begin to understand the CCP’s nature, and who recognize that the definition of right and wrong, and good and evil are derived from a higher source than the CCP, are suppressed by the regime and may even suddenly disappear. That shows how much the CCP desires people not to think on their own.

The Chinese people are not the only victims though. When they think uniformly along the party’s dictates, their interactions with the world reflect the party’s desire. When the Chinese students at the University of California, San Diego protested because the university invited the Dalai Lama to give a speech, weren’t they unknowingly spreading the CCP’s propaganda and advancing its control of the world?

Yet, no government has taken concrete action against the CCP for this crime.

In 2010, the U.S. made one attempt. The congress approved funding to break the CCP’s great firewall, but the State Department granted the money to non-government organizations specialized in media-training and research, not the ones who had the technology to break the CCP’s firewall.

The third crime that the CCP has committed is banning all religions in China.

To many religious practitioners, following their religion may be the most significant endeavor in their life. Many Christians believe the meaning of life is to spread the Gospel and to save people so that they can be reunited with God in heaven. When the CCP prevents people from seeking spiritual guidance, isn’t it, at the same time, destroying the meaning of life?

Many religions have the concepts of Heaven and Hell and hold that religious belief can help people go to Heaven. When the CCP forbids people from practicing their religion, isn’t it sending them to Hell instead?

Yet, no government has taken concrete actions against the CCP for this crime.

The United Nations, the U.S., and many Western countries have all criticized the CCP’s violations of freedom of religion, but most of their actions were just verbal criticism.

The CCP does not just prevent people from having true religions. It actually has created fake religious practices such as its own version of churches, which have vowed to follow the party’s leadership. The CCP rejected the Bishops that the Vatican appointed and declared its own version of Bishops. It eventually forced the Vatican to work with it to decide jointly on Bishops. It issued what it calls the “official” certification of the “living buddha” in Tibet. It removed crosses and replaced pictures of the Savior with pictures of Xi Jinping. Isn’t the CCP declaring itself to be the highest being? Isn’t it portraying itself as a god and trying to cut man’s connection to the real God?

Will the Divine power let the CCP get away with its stance?

True religious practitioners in the West may face this question: after seeing all of the CCP’s evil attempts to attack the Divine, to block the Chinese people from receiving our Creator’s messages,  and to ruin their path to Heaven, will our consciences allow us simply to look askance and take no action?

Even if we do not focus on man’s spiritual obligations, our mundane values and consciences will not allow us to do nothing. As human beings, can we simply turn our heads and look away when we see our fellow human beings’ unalienable rights are taken away, be it the right to live, the right to think, or the right to believe? Shouldn’t we take action against the CCP’s immoral crimes and help all of its victims achieve justice to the fullest extent that is within the realm of our understanding and to the fullest extent that is within our capabilities?

We used to have courage. We faced the Nazi’s invasion and genocide; we vowed to stop it and vowed “Never Again!” We faced the Soviet Union’s reckless exportation of red revolution and massive build-up of nuclear weapons; we had the courage to stop it and even brought about its demise. Now facing the CCP’s vicious attacks on human being’s morality, do we still have the courage to defend our values, our morality, and the superior powers that we trust?

Each and every human being shoulders responsibilities. Our responsibilities include not only living and caring for ourselves and our loved ones, but also maintaining the integrity, morality, and spiritual beliefs of the human race!

{1} Chinascope, “4 Hearts in 10 Days: China’s ‘On Demand’ Organ Bank Raises Concerns of Forced Harvesting,” August 23, 2020.
{2} China Tribunal, “China Tribunal: Final Judgment 17th June 2019,” June 17, 2019.