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Hiding Information: The CCP Held Commendation Conference about Fighting the Novel Coronavirus

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has declared victory over the novel coronavirus. On September 8, 2020, Xi Jinping hosted a Commendation Conference on Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus. At the ceremony, Xi gave a near-10,000 word speech, but he did not mention the truth about the pandemic’s origin, its development, or the infection count in China.

Radio France International reported that people were questioning why the CCP held such a celebration at this time since the pandemic is still spreading in the world. They wondered whether it is trying to cover up something or to make people forget something. Agence France-Presse pointed out that the CCP is trying to rewrite the Wuhan Pandemic story.

Xi gave medals to the “heroes” including Zhong Nanshan, who, on January 20, told the public that the virus can be transmitted from person to person (Editor’s Note: there is much evidence that the CCP knew about the person-to-person transmission much earlier but did not release the information to the public until Zhong’s staged statement), and Chen Wei, a People’s Liberation Army general in charge of developing a vaccine.

However, on the Chinese social media, the public frequently discussed Dr. Li Wenliang who Xi didn’t mention at the award ceremony. Dr. Li is the whistle blower who mentioned the coronavirus on social media in early January. The CCP then reprimanded him and he later died after developing the infection when treating patients who had the virus.

Another highly discussed person, who is a hero in the eyes of the public  but who Xi also skipped is Dr. Zhang Wenhong. Dr. Zhang is the lead doctor on coronavirus prevention efforts in Shanghai. He rejected Zhong Nanshan’s claim that the virus might have originated outside of China. He said the facts showed that Wuhan is the first city to have reported the cases and if the virus was coming from overseas, it would spread in several cities in China simultaneously, not just in Wuhan. He also answered the question whether the China-made anti-virus vaccine is better or the imported vaccine will be when the vaccines are available. He said, “You can easily tell if a domestic car is better or an imported car is (Chinese all know imported cars are much better). Why can’t you tell when it comes to a vaccine?”

On social media, people were also asking where the citizens were who went to hospitals to report the true situation (that the official media were not reporting) and then got disappeared.

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Excerpt in Chinese:

习近平9月8号在北京主持中国抗击新冠肺炎表彰大会。他以把大金链子挂在他的抗疫英雄脖颈上的姿态告诉世界,中国胜利了! 胜利得有点杀气腾腾,在长达近万字的讲话中,习近平不断提到“斗争”、“不断夺取具有新历史特点的斗争胜利”,而吹哨人李文亮的名字一次都没有提到。所有调查疫情真相的都与英雄称号无关。公民记者至今生死不明。





Source: Radio France International, September 14, 2020中国/20200914-庆功表彰遗忘-北京还在封锁真相