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Sichuan Province Proposed New Law to Safeguard Food Supply

Well-known Chinese news site Sohu (NASDAQ: SOHU) recently reported that the Sichuan provincial people’s congress proposed a new law to regulate all aspects of the food supply, including agricultural production, storage, distribution, quality assurance, emergency safeguards, and legal responsibilities for key players. A major addition to the traditional cycle is to encourage restaurants and catering businesses as well as individual families to maintain a certain level of food inventory based on their regular consumption level. Sichuan Province is one of China’s primary food (mainly rice) producing provinces that supply the whole nation. The local congress also issued a report which indicates there has been a sustained “gap” between supply and demand in the province, especially after the COVID pandemic outbreak. The proposed new law also establishes new regulations on protecting agricultural land, in terms of both quantity and quality. (Editor’s note: Traditionally the Chinese socialist system depends on the government instead of private entities for its food inventory.)

Source: Sohu, September 27, 2020