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HKET: UK Introduces National Security and Investment Bill

Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), the leading financial daily in Hong Kong, recently reported that the British government has been drafting a National Security and Investment Bill to govern sensitive technology related to foreign investments, especially in the areas of defense and infrastructure. The draft was planned to be discussed in the Cabinet after its completion by the end of this month. The Parliament is scheduled to review and approve the Bill next month, at the earliest. The biggest debate about the new bill was regarding the authorization of cabinet members to overturn past or current investment projects. British laws rarely have retroactive power. The British government has been considering legislation to regulate national security related foreign investments since the last quarter of 2019. It is widely recognized as a move against Chinese investments. Prime Minister Johnson already ordered the phase-out of Huawei equipment. The most sensitive project with Chinese involvement is the Hinkley Point C nuclear project.

Source: HKET, October 14, 2020