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Chinese Student Visas to the U.S. Fell Dramatically

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that the previous U.S. strategy of peacefully transforming China has apparently failed, so now the United States has started to worry that the Chinese scholars and students can be used as weapons against the U.S. As part of the Trump administration’s overall Chinese strategy, the U.S. government has been speeding up its radical process of delinking with China. Due to the pandemic and the change of Chinese students’ choice of destination, as well as the changes in U.S. policies, this June’s number of U.S. student visas granted to Chinese students was eight, and another eight Chinese applicants were granted visiting scholar visas. The same numbers in June of 2019 were 34,001 and 5,736, respectively. With the new restrictions imposed on the academic exchanges between China and the U.S., the opportunities for the United States to better understand the complex Chinese society will significantly decline. If Washington continues its policies, it will lose the capabilities to influence China in many areas like the economy, the financial system, public health, environmental protection, education and cultural exchanges.

Source: Sina, October 16, 2020