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Nanfang Metropolitan: Loving Ones Country Does Not Mean the Same as Loving the Imperial Court

On April 11, 2010. Nanfang Metropolitan published an article by History Scholar Hong Zhenquai, “Loving Ones Country Does Not Mean the Same as Loving the Imperial Court.” The article suggested that nowadays many people misunderstand the relationship between the people, the country, and the imperial court (or the government in modern society). Mencius [a philosopher from the fourth century B.C. who defended the teachings of Confucius against other philosophies] made public that “people are the most important, followed by the country, with the emperor coming last.” An explanation for the confusion is that the sitting government misleads people into believing that “loving the court is representative of loving the country.”

The article makes a case for people having oversight and control over the government. The article received a lot of compliments for its boldness, given the CCP’s media control. An unconfirmed blog message on Aiyuan said that Nanfang Metropolitan Editor Zhu Di was chastised (and lost her job) for publishing the article. The article is no longer available on the website of Nanfang Daily (Nanfang Metropolitan’s parent company), but can be found on many overseas Chinese sites.

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