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Chinese Scholar: Five Challenges to China’s Modernization

Zhang Xin, Professor and Ph.D. Advisor to the Marxism Institute, People’s University outlined five challenges to China’s modernization process. Zhang furthered his thoughts during one of a series of interviews on "Studying and Practicing the Scientific Concept on Development" organized by Xinhua Net.

The five challenges are:
1. Countryside Modernization – the urban-rural gap is getting wider
2. Environment a challenge China has been facing over a long period
3. Resources
4. Regional Development Imbalance
5. Relatively Backward Technology

The greatest conflict that China faces is the conflict between interests. While China experiences exceptional economic growth, problems related to social security, an urban-rural gap, a regional economic development gap, and problems in taking people’s homes/land for new development are all interest-related conflicts that threaten social stability.

Source: Xinhua, April 19, 2010