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RFA Chinese: Multiple HK Poll Indicators Reached Record Lows

Radio Free Asia (RFA) Chinese Edition recently reported on a poll sponsored by the Hong Kong government. The year-end poll showed that Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam once again scored lower than ever before. The record of the Public Sentiment Index recorded “extremely low.” Residents’ Happiness Level reached the lowest since 1992. In the past year of 2020, Hong Kong suffered a deepening antagonism between the government and the people; a greater division in its society, and the young generation’s growing distrust in the government. The researchers interviewed 250 middle school students during the pandemic. The result showed that 87 percent of the students lost confidence in the government. The same poll in 2019 showed an answer of 40 percent on the same question. The researchers called for the government to listen to the young people instead of seeing them as trouble. Analysts in the education field expressed their worry that Hong Kong seems to be entering Culture Revolution 2.0, which encouraged people to distrust each other under the new HK National Security Law. Some basic moral standards and social justice were also shaken. The Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam was given a score of zero by 44 percent of the people polled. Her approval rate is only 18 percent and her disapproval rate is 69 percent. Nearly all indicators of the poll reached record lows.

Source: RFA Chinese, January 5, 2021