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Hu Jintao Mentioned Political Reform

At the 30th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on September 6, Hu Jintao discussed persisting in reform. Hu stressed that, amid the complicated international environment and challenging internal missions about reform, development, and stability, the country must persist on the socialist path with Chinese characteristics, persist in the socialism theory with Chinese characteristics, and persist in reform. Hu stated (the necessity of) resolutely deepening reforms and advancing reforms in the economic system, political system, cultural system, and social system.

[Ed: Wen Jiabao stressed political reform in Shenzhen on August 21 ( Hu’s speech was widely awaited to see if it would echo Wen’s appeal. In Hu’s speech, political reform was only touched lightly and set in the context of being under the CCP’s leadership. How much Hu is going to do remains to be seen.]

Source: China Review News, September 7, 2010