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China’s Scholar: Major Issues in Income Disparity

China Review News republished a People’s Daily article by Yang Yiyong, Director of the Social Development Institute, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). In the article, Yang listed the major issues of income disparity in China:
– Disparity between urban income and farmland income;
– Disparity in farmland income between developed regions and under-developed regions;
– Disparity among different industries.

The gap in the initial income distribution is widening because state-owned enterprises’ monopoly power enables them to seek high profit and thus high income, and lower income and inadequate social protection to laborers who have a lower social status. The government also lacks an effective mechanism to achieve a balance in income distribution. That’s due to the lack of a well-established personal income tax system and social security system and the disparity in social welfare among different groups of people.

Source: China Review News, September 7, 2010