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Study Times: Policies to Ensure Political Stability

Study Times, a weekly newspaper published by the Party School of the CCP, published an article by Zhang Yanxin, member of the CCP’s Hebei Province Standing Committee and Political Commissar of the Hebei Provincial Military District, outlining the policies for the CCP to ensure political stability during the economic transition period. Zhang argued that ideology is the foundation of political stability. The CCP should speed up the development of the socialist core value system and insist on Marxism’s unified leadership position.

Zhang also listed problems in economic development, law enforcement, social justice, and corruption in the party, and argued for improvement in these areas.

Zhang further stated that the military is the sword for stability. “The PLA is an armed group to carry out the party’s political tasks and a strong pillar of the people’s democratic dictatorship. In any situation and at any time, it is the important force and strong guarantee for maintaining national political stability.”

Source: Study Times, September 13, 2010