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Study Times Promoting Political System Reform

Study Times, a weekly newspaper published by the Party School of the CCP, published an article to promote political system reform. The article stated that Wen Jiabao’s speech in Shenzhen ( sent out a clear and strong message: “Only by insisting on reform and opening up can the nation have a bright future; (China) should advance not only economic system reform, but also political system reform; … (China) cannot go backward.” The article stated political system reform will be under the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

[Ed: The CCP’s Propaganda Department silenced Wen’s speech on political reform. Hu Jintao’s speech at Shenzhen afterwards didn’t echo Wen’s points ( It can be observed that the CCP is split on the issue of political reform and some intense internal fighting may be surfacing.]

Source: Study Times, September 13, 2010