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Sputnik Chinese: Ankara Threatens to Rename the Street Where Chinese Embassy Is Located

Well-known Russian news agency Sputnik recently reported on its Chinese Edition site that the authorities from Turkey’s capital city are considering renaming the street where the Chinese Embassy sits. The motion was submitted to the city government committee for review. This happened after the Chinese Embassy in Turkey tweeted condemnation of Turkish politicians for slandering human rights in Xinjiang. The Chinese Embassy’s tweet was in response to criticism from two Turkish opposition politicians. Later the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Chinese Ambassador to Turkey to protest. At a regular press conference, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson supported the Chinese ambassador’s position against certain Turkish politicians’ comments on Xinjiang affairs and stated that the relevant response of the Chinese Embassy in Turkey was completely reasonable and beyond reproach. The Ankara city government has already started “maintenance work” near the Chinese Embassy and cut off the water supply to the Embassy.

Source: Sputnik Chinese, April 13, 2021