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BBC Chinese: Record Number of Chinese Military Aircraft Entered Taiwan Air Defense Area

BBC Chinese Edition recently reported that, according to the Taiwanese authorities, on April 12, the number of Chinese military aircraft entering the Taiwanese air defense identification area reached a single-day record of 25 aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers with the capability of carrying nuclear bombs. This happened when the United States warned that China has become more and more aggressive. The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense also confirmed that the Taiwanese Air Force did send fighter jets to warn the Chinese aircraft and started missile defense system tracking and monitoring of the Chinese activities. Some analysts expressed the belief that this could be a response to the increased U.S. Navy’s activities in the region. It could also be utilized to prepare the public opinion, especially inside Mainland China, for potential military actions against Taiwan. China never made the promise that it would not invade Taiwan militarily.

Source: BBC Chinese, April 13, 2021