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CRN: US Mid-Term Election Squeezes US-China Relationship

China Review News recently published an analysis of the results of a search for the cause of the “issues” between China and the U.S. this year. The analysis identified an unusually high number of incidents that have happened since the beginning of the year, such as Google Leaving China, Arms Sales to Taiwan, the Dalai Lama Visiting the U.S., the RMB Exchange Rate, Intellectual Properties, and the South China Sea Conflict. The author of the analysis believes that the U.S. mid-term election has had a major impact on these events. He believes the events were triggered by U.S. politicians playing the “China Card” again to gain popularity, especially the Democrats, who are facing an uphill battle in the upcoming election. Senator Charles Schumer (D. NY) was used as an example, due to the fact that he has become a leading fundraiser by bashing China.

Source: China Review News, August 12, 2010