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China Review News: Aircraft Carrier Show Reveals U.S. Anxiety

China Review News republished an article by China Youth Daily that analyzed the reasons for the U.S. showing off its aircraft carrier to China:

1. Mid-term Election Politics. As the election approaches, the Democrats are in a bad position due to a poor economic situation and a high unemployment rate. They are trying to change the focus to outside the U.S, and are therefore targeting China, the “frequent target for U.S. politics to attack.”
2. Strategic Anxiety over China. The recent issue of China’s “threat on the sea,” which the U.S. media “cooked up,” shows that the U.S. is anxious about China as China starts to build its sea power.
3. Using China to “Return to Asia.” U.S. strategists are using China as an excuse for them to stay or return to Asia. They did it successfully to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Source: China Review News, August 16, 2010