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Guangming: Developing China’s Propaganda Machine to Better Influence Other Countries

Guangming Daily published an article by Leng Song, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Science, on how to improve China’s influence over other countries. Leng listed the following strategies:

1. Build up the CCP Central media’s brand name and reputation overseas. All major Central media have already begun to expand in the Western world.
2. Have better control and utilization of the Internet, avoiding simple approaches such as blocking or removing articles on the Internet.
3. Expand the media’s focus to both developed and developing countries. China’s current foreign propaganda focus is Europe, the U.S., Japan, and Russia. China should also cover Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Leng also argued for the use of crises to promote China’s image. “Timeliness is the key to controlling the tone of the media when reporting a social crisis.” “Reporting on social crises requires full awareness of (the CCP’s) policy direction and political position.”

Source: Guangming Daily, December 22, 2010