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China’s Government Think Tanks Debate Foreign Policy

On December 21, 2010, the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science, published its “2010: Evaluation of China’s Security Situation.” The report stated, “In 2010, China faced intensified security pressure from its neighboring countries and deteriorating relationships with its neighbors.”

Recently China’s government think tanks have been debating the direction of China’s foreign policy. The International Herald Leader reported on a forum held to discuss the security report. Participants expressed two opposing views:

1.  “China should learn how to reduce it neighbors’ fears and worries concerning China’s rise. In other words, make more friends and create zero or few enemies.”

2. “China should learn from Russia. It initially took a soft foreign policy approach, but the Western world’s continued interaction with its neighbors became a threat. After Russia showed its determination to safeguard its interests, [Ed: sending troops to Georgia], the situation stabilized.”

Source: International Herald Leader, December 24, 2010