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CNS: New Confucius Statue Erected in Tiananmen Square

China News Service (CNS) reported on January 12, 2011, that a new 17-ton bronze statue of Confucius was erected in front of the north gate of The National Museum of China. The statue is 9.5 meters tall. Throughout Chinese history, up until the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese people considered Confucius to be a “sage.” Lu Zhangshen, Director of the National Museum, said that he considers Confucius to be “the business card of Chinese Culture.” Lu also believes that the statue “matches the museum’s cultural orientation.” Several tourists told the reporter that they hope to see more instances of traditional Chinese culture brought to modern life.

(Ed: According to Wikipedia, "during the Cultural Revolution, Confucianism was frequently attacked by leading figures in the Communist Party of China…")

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