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Hu Jintao Gave a Speech on Controlling Society

On February 19, 2011, the Conference on Social Management and Innovation was held at the CCP’s Central Party School. Top leaders from the central and provincial government attended the conference. Hu Jintao gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Hu stressed the importance of social management and outlined eight points for society’s future direction: 1. Improve the Party’s leadership and formalize social management work. 2. Improve the Party and government-led mechanisms to protect people’s rights. 3. Improve the management of transients and special populations and create a national database to cover every individual in China. 4. Improve the basic social management and service system. 5. Improve the public safety system. 6. Improve social management in private companies. 7. Improve Internet management and establish a mechanism to lead public opinion on the Internet. 8. Strengthen education in socialist ideology.

All of the nine members of the Politburo standing committee, all other Politburo members, and top CCP officials in central and provincial authorities attended the opening ceremony.

Source: CCP News Online, February 19, 2011