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CCP’s Politburo Met to Set Strategy on Middle East Reporting, an overseas Chinese language website, reported that the CCP’s Politburo held a meeting to set strategy on reporting the Middle East’s democracy movement. “Some Politburo members in Beijing had an informal meeting the day after Mubarak stepped down. They set new rules and education goals for the military, the armed police, and the police. The focus was on ‘propaganda:’ to stop the media from freely posting reports, comments, and discussions about Egypt and the region; to strengthen the cleanup and management of blogs and forums; to require local media to use only Xinhua’s articles on the Middle East; to control the media’s tone and direct it to find that the ‘U.S. is behind the scenes;’ and to prepare to shut down certain Internet functions.” The CCP’s Propaganda Department’s directive also added “to reduce the reporting of local ‘sensitive events.’”

[Editor’s Notes: called for a public protest in 13 Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai for February 20, 2011. Boxun’s website has since been under severe attack and unable to function normally. This article can be found on Google cache or other websites that republished it.]

Source: Boxun, February 18, 2011

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