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Beijing under High Security Alert in Preparation for Communist Party’s 100th Anniversary

Beijing has tightened security as the Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 100th anniversary on July 1. Armed police appear on the streets of Beijing and in the subway. Tiananmen Square is closed. Military soldiers are stationed in the Bird’s Nest Stadium. Petitioners are being arrested. At the same time, Beijing has imposed traffic control and air bans. Multiple videos on the Internet show that dozens of police patrol the streets with dogs and some retired “neighborhood watch guards” are wearing red armbands and are at the doors of some residential buildings watching the residents entering and exiting.

On June 3, the Tiananmen Management Committee announced the closure of Tiananmen Square from midnight on June 23 to July 1 to prepare for the setting up of the celebration.

On June 17, Vice Premier Liu He attended the State Council Security Committee meeting. The committee vowed to contain all forms of incidents or disruptions.

On June 20, the Beijing municipal government announced the blockage of radio signals in certain regions on July 1. Beijing airport announced it has elevated its security screening. All express mail destined for Beijing will go through X-ray security inspections.

Cai Xia, a former communist party school professor tweeted on June 20, “The party is celebrating its 100th anniversary but it looks like it was preparing for a major disaster. The party has guns, money, and high-tech surveillance cameras in its control. It can arrest people and ban anything whenever it wants. What are they afraid of? Is this 100th anniversary celebration a celebration or a funeral?”

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