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Global Times: South Korea’s Second “Quasi Aircraft Carrier” Officially Enters Service

Global Times recently reported that South Korea’s second amphibious assault ship Marado Island officially entered service on June 28, 14 years after the first ship Dokdo entered service. Marado Island has greatly improved based on lessons learned from the Dokdo. It is also armed with the latest equipment. Marado Island is 199.4 meters long and 31.4 meters high, and can carry around one thousand officers and soldiers. It can support the take-off and landing of five helicopters at the same time, and can also carry high-speed landing crafts as well as amphibious combat vehicles. Marado Island is equipped with four-sided fixed radar for the U.S. Aegis System and its detection and command capabilities have been further improved. The South Korean Navy stated that the Marado Island will conduct combat missions starting in October this year, after a formal evaluation of its operational capabilities.

Source: Global Times, June 29, 2021