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UDN: Ten Big Changes in Hong Kong after a Year of the HK National Security Law

United Daily News (UDN), one of the primary Taiwanese news groups, recently reported on ten major changes in the ten years since the Hong Kong National Security Law was imposed. In the past ten years, 117 political activists have been imprisoned. One out of every five Hong Kong residents is leaving the city and two of every five are considering it. The head of the police was promoted to Chief Secretary for Administration. This makes him the second in command in the Hong Kong government. Many members of the Legislative Council from the opposition parties were removed from the Council; common law principles have been questioned and foreign judges are leaving. Independent media companies such as Apple Daily have closed their doors. The annual Tiananmen Square Massacre memorial parade has been banned. The education contents in schools have changed while teachers are resigning. Numerous books, newspapers and movies have been censored. Foreign investors (such as Vanguard) are leaving, causing a drastic drop in office space rentals. Rob Chipman, former Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, said that move-outs of multinational corporate executives have increased by 30 percent. Some have been monitoring (the situation) since 2019 and concluded that, it appears now it is “about time to leave.”

Source: UDN, June 30, 2021