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PLA Daily Says No to Nationalization of the Army

On March 29, 2011, PLA Daily, the official voice of Central Military Commission (CMC), published seven short articles with the headline “Pay Attention to ‘the Battlefield with No Gun Smoke.’” The articles criticized the idea of “nationalizing the military,” which means returning control of the military to the government administration instead of any political party. The editor of the series said, “The field of ideology has always been at the forefront of the hostile forces (attempt) to westernize and divide China. Although the battle of the ideologies does not have flames and gun smoke, it is nevertheless ‘breathtaking.’ Ideological work matters for the overall situation of the Party and the country, matters for the successful development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and matters for the long term harmony and stability of society and the state.”

Source: PLA Daily, March 29, 2011