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Huanqiu Criticizes the West’s Response to Beijing’s Arrest of Ai Weiwei

The State’s Huanqiu published an editorial critical of the West’s response to the arrest of Ai Weiwei. Ai is a renowned artist who was taken into custody at the airport before he could board a plane to Hong Kong. The editorial stated that some Western governments and human rights organizations quickly elevated this matter as an example of the deterioration of Chinese human rights and demanded Ai Weiwei’s release. “Without seeking the truth, [these Western governments and human rights organizations] exaggerated this single incident and attacked China with fierce language. This is a reckless collision with China’s basic political framework and (shows) ignorance of China’s judicial sovereignty.”

[Ed: Ai Weiwei,a well known Chinese artist, designed the Olympic’s Bird’s Nest stadium and has also focused on government corruption, especially in the construction of schools that collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The police recently arrested him and charged him with "economic crimes."]

Source: Huanqiu, April 6, 2011