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Propaganda: The Non-Existent Swiss Biologist Who Said China’s Lab Did Not Leak the Virus

In early August, Many of China’s state media, including Xinhua, People’s Daily, China News Agency, and Global Times, quoted Facebook about a Biologist named Wilson Edwards from Switzerland who stated that it is extremely unlikely that China’s lab leaked the COVID-19 virus. He worried that the World Health Organization lacks an independent scientific judgment and has become a political tool of the U.S. government.

However, on August 10, Switzerland’s Embassy in China issued an official statement that this was fake news. The statement said that Switzerland does not have a citizen whose name is Wilson Edwards, that no academic article was ever published by an author with that name, and that his Facebook account was created on July 24, 2021, with only one posting and three friends. This indicates that this account was not created for a social networking purpose.

Source: Liberty Times, August 11, 2021