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Pandemic: COVID-19 Is Spreading in China (August 11, 2021, Update)

The COVID-19 virus keeps spreading in China. During the latest round of the outbreak, a total of 17 provinces have reported COVID-19 cases. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has hidden the real information, the actual number of those infected is unknown.

On August 9, Yangzhou City, Jiangzu Province reported 48 cases, with a cumulative total of 394 cases. Jiangsu Province sent 653 medical doctors and nurses and 2,260 COVID testers from other cities to Yangzhou. On August 11, Sun Chunlan, the Vice Premier of China, visited Yangzhou to check on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province which just suffered a severe flood due to the government releasing water from a dam without informing people, also reported COVID-19 cases.

The CCP has been using an extreme lockdown method to create “zero” cases. Zhang Wenhong, the lead medical expert on the COVID-19 virus in Shanghai, recently suggested that more and more people feel the pandemic will not end soon. Therefore the world should learn to live with the virus. However, Gao Qiang, formerly of the Minister of Health, criticized this viewpoint.

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