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Qiushi: Unswervingly Uphold the Party’s Absolute Leadership over the Army

Li Jinai, a member of the Central Military Commission and chief of the General Political Department of the PLA, published an article in the Party’s top publication Qiushi, reemphasizing the absolute leadership of the Party over the army. “The Party’s absolute control of the army is a fundamental principle of the army’s development and the eternal soul of the army.” Li slammed the voice of “nationalization of the military,” calling it an “attack on the fundamental principle and system of the Party’s absolute control of the army, with a goal of breaking the army away from the Party’s leadership, overthrowing the ruling status of the CCP, and overthrowing socialism with Chinese characteristics.” 

The idea of “nationalization of the military” calls for a western style relationship between the military and political party, where the army is led by the government instead of any political party. In recent years, it has been under heavy attack by official media.

Source: Qiushi, June 16, 2011