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China News Service: FBI Persecutes U.S. Political Dissidents

China News Service reprinted a report from Taiwan’s Central News Agency on the FBI’s recent nationwide anti-terrorist investigation targeting prominent activists for their political views. The article said, “The targets are those who have sharply criticized U.S. Middle East and South American foreign policy. They denied any connection with terrorists. Those investigated expressed concern that U.S. government uses post-9/11 anti-terrorism as an excuse to target them because they hold different political views. Those subpoenaed include office clerks, educators, and lesbian couples with young children. A Chicago lawyer Michael Deutsch said they are ‘public non-violent activists with long, distinguished careers in public service, including teachers, union organizers, and antiwar and community leaders.’” “Several activists under investigation and their lawyers said that they believe the indictments would come any time, so they have fought back, decrying the inquiry as a threat to their First Amendment rights.” 

The original English source can be traced to a Washington Post news report “Activists cry foul over FBI probe,” that was published on June 13, 2011.

China News Service, June 15, 2011
Washington Post, June 13, 2011