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The CCP’s Propaganda Media Teaches U.S. Children about Critical Race Theory

The Mythinformed Tweeter reported that the China Global Television Network (CGTN), owned by the China Central Television (CCTV) has produced a cartoon to teach American children about Critical Race Theory. The cartoon said, “Racism is passed down from generation to generation.” It also has a scene showing a white boy telling a black boy, “You can’t be Spider-Man, you are black.” About that statement, in an article from Epoch Times a netizen points out, “The CCP did not even do its research, as the person portraying Spider-Man in the latest Spider-Man movie, Miles Morales, is in fact black.” Neither did CCTV explain how Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United Sates.

The U.S. government has designated CGTN as one of six “foreign missions” in the United States operated by the Chinese government, to warn the Americans that the content from the broadcasts is controlled by the CCP.

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