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Chinese Netizens on China and Afghanistan Alliance

On August 27, 2021, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the head of the Afghan Taliban made it clear to the Chinese side that the Afghan Taliban will never allow any force to use the Afghan territory to engage in acts that hurt China. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on August 16, “The situation in Afghanistan has undergone major changes. We respect the will and choice of the Afghan people.”

The following are examples of Chinese netizens’ responses on Chinese social platforms.

“I feel furious and shameful when I see some unscrupulous media whitewashing the Taliban! The Taliban villains who caused serious injuries and massacres of countless innocent women on September 11 should be executed! The enemy’s enemy will not be a friend! Those who do not have correct thoughts and morals are unpopular no matter where they are!”

“Who would have thought that in 2021, when civilization has developed to such a high level, a group of people is still cheering for the murderers.”

“Hua Chunying said that the Afghan people chose the Taliban, so I ask, does it [Hua] have a sense of humanity? Can it [Hua] choose the fate of being stoned to death on behalf of all the Afghan people who love equality, freedom, and civilization? Is Hua Chunying still a human being?”

“I think everyone must not believe certain Chinese official accounts that are whitewashing the floor. Last night, the Taliban’s press conference made it very clear that the protection of women’s rights is within the Islamic law and is no different from the previous Taliban’s ideology and beliefs. Can a brutal and extreme terrorist organization … become a Buddha overnight? Those in our country who deliberately play a praising tune don’t support the bandits. …”

“China should be worried. This miscalculation of the United States will not weaken its determination to participate in international affairs but will only reinforce its determination and strength to take action in the future. It seemed that the United States might be embarrassed when it evacuated from South Vietnam, but how decisive it was in conquering Grenada afterward, [and entering Panama and beating Iraq].”

“The regional geo-political situation has indeed worsened, and Afghanistan is close to Xinjiang. I am afraid that it will become a training base for terrorists and a rear output center. In a sense, the withdrawal of U.S. troops is a big loss for our country.”

“Now we need to worry about the question seriously: With the emergence of this extreme Islamic regime, will the sparsely populated Wakhan Corridor, which directly connects to western China, look different from now on?”


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