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STCN: U.S. Approved Huawei’s Purchase of Automotive Chips

China Security Times (SecuTimes or STCN) recently reported that U.S. officials have approved the blacklisted Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of chips for its growing auto parts business. In the meantime, the Office of the United States Trade Representative issued a statement saying that Katherine Chi Tai, the U.S. Trade Representative, held a video conference with senior officials of the American Chamber of Commerce China Center Advisory Committee and the US-China Business Council. Tai pointed out that the U.S. is conducting a comprehensive assessment of U.S.-China trade policies and reiterated the importance of U.S.-China trade relations. The Biden administration has granted Huawei suppliers licenses to sell chips used in auto parts such as video screens and sensors. These approvals came as Huawei shifts its business to projects that are not susceptible to the U.S. trade ban. Sources close to the U.S. licensing offices also revealed that the U.S. government is preparing to issue licenses for chips in other vehicles that may have components with 5G functionalities. A Huawei spokesperson declined to comment on these licenses.

Source: STCN, August 25, 2021