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Study Times: Universities Should Give a High Priority to Party Build-up

Liu Xiping, Director and Party Chief of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, wrote on Study Times, the official publication of the Central Party School, about the need to beef up the Party organizations at the grass roots level in universities. 
“In China, the Chinese Communist Party is the ruling Party. As an integral part of the ruling Party, Party Committees at universities should use the ruling power well and play a core role in leadership so as to fully implement the Party’s education policies. There is no doubt about it. We must unswervingly adhere to it. At the same time, we should also strengthen the Party’s grassroots organizations. By playing the role of the Party’s grass-roots organizations, we should consolidate and strengthen the Party’s leadership in colleges and universities to promote the implementation of the Party’s principles and policies in colleges and universities. There is also no doubt about this. We must unswervingly adhere to this.” 
Liu believes that the fall of the former Soviet Union was due, in part, to the fact that the Communist Party of Soviet Union (CPSU)’s grassroots organizations existed in name only and had no cohesion to attract new members. “A large amount of data indicates that most CPSU members calmly identified themselves with the disintegration of the CPSU.”

Source: Study Times, July 4, 2011