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Study Times: The Contemporary Value of Mao’s Ideology of Forming a United Front

 Li Anji, an official with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, wrote in Study Times that understanding Mao Zedong’s ideology on forming alliances is critical to building a harmonious society. Li addressed the issue from three perspectives: the pragmatism, the long-term vision, and the tactics of Mao’s ideology in forming alliances with non-Communist Party organizations. “Currently, the most important historical task placed in front of the Communist Party’s Central Committee and the people is to build a harmonious socialist society. To that end, the following has important theoretical and practical revelations: to sum up and learn from the rich and harmonious concepts in Mao’s united front ideology will assist us in spotting the main issue in contemporary China, coordinating the ever-widening disparity of interests of different groups, solidifying the domestic united front, building a harmonious society, creating a harmonious domestic environment for economic and social development, establishing a broad international united front, strengthening international exchange and cooperation, and creating a peaceful international environment for the rise of China.“

Source: Study Times, August 8, 2011