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Study Times: Develop World Class Movies & TV Series to Increase China’s Soft Power

A Study Times article asks, “Why are American movies popular all over the world? Why can Japanese cartoons and South Korean TV series conquer Asia and even the world and be a national symbol? By comparison, what movie and TV culture should China develop to have its own world class products compatible with China’s status? This question has long been hotly discussed in the movie, TV, cultural and academic areas. It has even become an important topic in the political arena.”

The article says, “Art belongs to ideology and has educational implications. It can influence people ‘unconsciously’ on the psychological level. … When the audience accepts the leading characters, they also accept the values that the characters exhibit or the values the movie or TV series champion.” “Hu Jintao pointed out at the 90th Anniversary of the CCP, ‘(We) must set our eyes on promoting China’s culture to the world, establish a cultural soft power that is compatible with China’s international status, and increase China’s cultural influence on the world.’”

In conclusion, the article proposed, “In the current international political environment, culture and soft power are inseparable from the scope of political language. To create world class Chinese movies and TV series will result in being recognized by audiences around the world.”

Source: Study Times, August 15, 2011