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Party’s Leadership in Enterprise Management

Study Times, the publication of the Party School of the Central Committee of the CCP, published an article by Li Huaqing, the Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Board the of Chongqing Energy Investment Group (CQEIG). In the article, Li shared how the Party will impose its leadership in enterprise management. CQEIG’s approaches include:

1. The Party organization participates in the enterprise’s major decision making. To ensure the party’s effectiveness in managing the company, it implements a “cross-representation” leadership system (the Party’s leadership takes key positions in the enterprise).
2. Party development is intermingled with business operations. One approach is to develop Party members to be the key personnel while also having key personnel join the party. Another approach is to include Party development as a key criterion when it comes to managers’ performance reviews.
3. The Party controls the human resources function and sticks to the principle that “the Party is in charge of talent.”

Source: Study Times, September 5, 2011