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State Council: The Political System is One of China’s Core Interests

A Huanqiu editorial commented on the State Council’s white paper titled “China’s Peaceful Development.” The article states that this is the first time that the Chinese government unequivocally identifies its political system as one of its core interests. According to the white paper, China’s core interests are the political system established by China’s constitution, overall social stability, basic protection of sustainable economic and social development, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national security, and national reunification. “The Chinese government’s statement that the basic political system is a core interest provides an important political foundation for building a social consensus. Such a clear declaration at the State level will help eliminate some of society’s confusion and enable a crackdown on unrealistic pursuits. The formation of consensus in Chinese society cannot be effected without the government’s firm hand.”

Source: Huanqiu, September 7, 2011