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CCP’s Grassroots Control of Local Communities – Grid Administrator’s Microscopic Grip over every Chinese Citizen and Resident.

Chen Yixin, Secretary General of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission (PLAC) of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Central Committee, recently visited the city of Shenzhen. Chen pointed out that the current domestic and international security environment is becoming more complex and that it is necessary to optimize the grid-based grassroots management mechanism, improve the coverage of video surveillance, and set up a “red property management team.”

The PLAC is a very powerful Chinese Communist Party organ that oversees all judicial and law enforcement authorities, including the Supreme Court, Supreme Procuratorate, the Ministry of State Security, Ministry and Public Security, and the police force. The Secretary General is a senior leadership position in the Commission.

Chen pointed out that, in recent years, there have been mass social unrest cases where people’s conflicts and disputes were not solved in a timely manner. They all relate to “grassroots governance.” He said that “grid management” is an effective innovation in grassroots governance, and it is necessary to improve China’s grid management.

The Chinese government has divided local “grassroots” communities into a grid pattern, with each grid made up of 15 to 20 households. They are monitored by a designated person called the “grid administrator.” These persons must fully familiarize themselves with the residents in their grid – who lives there, their housing and facilities, their membership in organizations, and their place of work. In addition, they must identify any possible hidden dangers. The authorities make use of the “grid management” system to exert the most microscopic grip over every Chinese citizen and resident.

Chen proposed that there should be a focus on the entrances and exits of buildings and public areas, improved coverage of video surveillance, and a focus on the use of big data to predict risks and refine the “grid management” to ensure that the grid covers a moderate population and area. Business buildings, enterprises and institutions are divided into specially designated grids.

Chen asked grid administrators to mingle themselves with the people, watch out for the first signs of any problems, and organize CCP members and cadres in the community grids.

Chen said he would work with government bodies to promote “red property management” and introduce the participation of CCP members and university students, so that CCP cadres in the community also serve as the head of property management.

Source: Website of Political and Legal Affairs Commission, September 22, 2021