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A Young Man Who Fled to the U.S. Received a Threatening Call from His Village Chief in China

Ding Yiduo, a young man born in the 1980s in mainland China, fled to the United States and accepted an interview with the Epoch Times. Newspaper. After a year, He told his story about posting a message supporting “Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill movement” on the WeChat group on the eve of the Chinese Communist Party’s Anniversary (October 1) in 2019. His act alarmed the local CCP public security agencies, incurring a series of acts of intimidation and compulsory requests. For example, he was summoned, interrogated, detained, forced to write guarantees, physically examined, had his blood drawn and more.

What he didn’t expect was that on September 27, when he was in the U.S., he received a threatening call from mainland China. “I was so scared at the moment because it was my first domestic call, and it was from our village chief. He told me, ‘The Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China has listed you as a key surveillance target.’ When I finally settled down, I recorded our conversation, and he spoke for more than 8 minutes.”

“I’ll be on the road to death when I go back.” Ding Yiduo said. That was the main message of the village chief’s call to him. The village chief also emphasized, “What if the United States does not take you and sends you back to China? Did you think about the consequences the moment you landed (the United States)?”

At the end of the long-distance call, the village chief warned him that if he fails to handle the report (by the Epoch times) properly as soon as possible and erase the “negative” impact (on the CCP), he will be treated as a traitor and his name will be removed from the genealogy.

Source: Epoch Times, September 29, 2021