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Global Times Editorial: Mainland Military Aircraft Flying over Taiwan Is an Unmistakable declaration of China’s Sovereignty over Taiwan

China’s state-run media Global Times published an editorial stating that mainland China will have a showdown with Taiwan if the DPP authorities continue to make trouble colluding with the U.S. and Japan. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“The Taiwan issue continues to ferment. More than half of China’s diplomatic troubles are related to this issue. In the long run, maintaining the current form of peace in the Taiwan Strait means higher and higher costs for the mainland. The U.S.-Taiwan collusion and the Japan-Taiwan collusion can happen for numerous reasons, which will continue to consume the mainland’s diplomatic resources and energy.”

“In view of the fact that the DPP authorities (of Taiwan) are determined to work with the U.S. and Japan against the mainland and that the United States is also making more and more frequent strategic manipulations of the Taiwan issue, while the mainland only takes fundamental measures and launches a resolute fight, can this situation be stopped, the DPP authorities and their supporters completely suppressed, and the strategic initiative of the situation across the Taiwan Strait brought under firm control.”

“The PLA fighter planes flew over the island of Taiwan. This is a step we must take. That will constitute a fundamental warning to the DPP authorities and bring about the reconstruction of the situation across the Taiwan Strait. It will be a clear and unmistakable declaration of China’s sovereignty over Taiwan, and will create unprecedented conditions for us to further implement this sovereignty.”

“The mainland military aircraft flying over the island of Taiwan must be backed by a large-scale and overwhelming military action. The military aircraft flying over is only part of the mainland’s strong determination to reset the Taiwan Strait structure. This is the showdown, giving the DPP authorities a choice between two alternatives: either accept that the mainland aircraft are to cruise through Taiwan, and step back its extreme anti-mainland path of colluding with the United States and Japan, or provoke a war by firing against the mainland military aircraft and be destroyed and eliminated by the People’s Liberation Army.”

Source: Global Times, September 13, 2021