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Xi Jinping’s Latest Power Purge: Two Former Security and Justice Officers Ousted

Within a two day period, two high ranking officials in the public security sector in China were ousted. This move indicates Xi Jinping is continuing to purge his political opponents prior to the Chinese communist party’s 20th Congress in 2022. Xi has determined that, by 2022, he must completely secure the power of his leadership.

On October 2, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a short statement that Fu Zhenghua, the former Minister of Justice, is being investigated. The Commission didn’t provide further details. Just two days earlier, on September 30, the Commission issued a separate notice announcing Sun Lijun, the former vice-minister of Public Security, would be prosecuted for fraud, being too politically ambitious, and damaging the party’s unity.

Between 2013 and 2018, both Fu and Sun held several official positions. One was the head of the 610 Office—an extralegal secret police force akin to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo, which has been implementing Beijing’s persecution policies against Chinese citizens who practice Falun Gong, a spiritual practice that involves meditation exercises and moral teachings.

In 2012, Xi Jinping began a relentless “anti-corruption campaign” to eliminate his political opponents. Since then, more than 100 “tigers and flies”— high- and low-ranking officials — have been purged for crimes of corruption such as bribery and embezzlement. There has been some speculation that, following the removal of Fu and Sun, another bigger “tiger” could be ousted next.

Source: Epoch Times, October 2, 2021