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RFA Chinese: RTHK Issued New Editorial Policies to Staff

Radio Free Asia (RFA) Chinese Edition recently reported that the Hong Kong government-owned public broadcasting service Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) just released its hundred-page new editorial policies to its staff. These new rules include the following: Editors must consider Hong Kong to be a part of China; Taiwan should not be regarded as a country under any circumstance; and crimes should not be portrayed as a glorious heroic deed. The new policies are applicable to all employees in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Type II service providers, contractors, and outsourced service providers. The new RTHK guidelines involve 13 editorial policies and guiding principles. The Guidelines also mentioned the HK National Security Law, stating that RTHK is responsible for fulfilling Hong Kong’s constitutional and legal responsibilities for safeguarding national security and must not provide a platform to encourage, instigate, promote, beautify, recognize or sympathize with anything that endangers national security. The document also indirectly accused some past RTHK shows of having “political satires” that portrayed the police maliciously. Ronson Chan, Chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, commented that these new guidelines have the purpose of controlling the middle and upper management of RTHK, so that some sensitive issues or information cannot be released.

Source: RFA Chinese, September 30, 2021