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Xinhua: China Started to Have 24-Hour Training Capabilities for Carrier Fighter Pilots

Xinhua recently reported that, according to the head of the Training Group of the Naval Aviation University, China has successfully completed the day-and-night carrier landing qualification certifications for carrier-based fighter pilots. The Chinese Navy also achieved multi-batch takeoffs and landings of carrier-based fighter jets. China has now started to have 24-hour full-time training capabilities for carrier-based fighter pilots. Since China’s second aircraft carrier completed its first maritime trial mission in April 2018, it has since trained carrier fighter pilots on a large scale. However, the training work faced “five challenges: a lack of instructors, a lack of teaching materials, a lack of supporting materials, a lack of standards and specifications, and a lack of experience. There was an urgent need for a complete, professional, large-scale, and standardized training system. In less than a year, the Naval Aviation University of China had its first group of carrier fighter pilots independently trained and they obtained the aircraft carrier flight qualification. Starting in 2019, China began to train carrier fighter pilots recruited directly from high schools, and the first group of pilots trained under this model became qualified in November 2020.

Source: Xinhua, October 2, 2021