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CCP Alarmed: Postings Showing Government Distrust Disseminated on Microblogs

An internal source who wished to remain nameless for security reasons has revealed information about the content of a conference the Chinese Communist Party Committee Propaganda Department of Hubei Province held on September 18, 2011, at the East Lake Hotel in Wuhan City. At the conference, the head of the Hubei Province Propaganda Department expressed his serious concern about some content on the mass media. Postings on Internet websites and blogs showed people’s distrust of Chinese authorities. “Recently, there has been an ideological shift in Internet information, which has started to shake our Party’s ruling status. The Propaganda Department head stated that, especially with the dissemination of the anti-censorship software that was developed in the U.S., a trend of disbelief  (in the CCP among the Chinese people) has developed.”

Therefore, the Propaganda Department directed every town, township, and district to take action and pay great attention to the Internet information dissemination problem. Nearly 100 representatives across Hubei Province attended the conference.

Source: Internal Source, September 24, 2011
China Scope