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China to Increase Investment in Research and Development Significantly by 2025

At the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Talent Work Conference held in Beijing on September 27 and 28, 2021, Xi Jinping said that China’s competition for national power is a competition for talent. The top echelons of the CCP leadership attended the conference.


Xi said that China is currently embarking on a new journey to a modern socialist country in which high-level technological self-reliance is the key. “Competition for comprehensive national power is, in the final analysis, a competition for talent.”  Xi laid out a timetable for China to become a leading world power in science and technology within two decades, with world-class talent.


By 2025, China’s investment in research and development should have increased substantially, with major progress made in building up top-notch scientists for scientific and technological innovation. 


By 2030, China should have established a talent system that can adapt to the needs of high-quality development. The system should have significantly improved the ability to train and attract innovative world-class talent.


By 2035, China should have attained a competitive advantage in the competition for talent in various fields and should rank among the leading countries in the world for its strategic and technological strength, with an army of top-notch talent.


On October 2, 2021, People’s Daily issued an editorial promoting Xi’s remarks on the importance of recruiting, training, and using talent to build up national power. 



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