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Fu Zhenghua, Recently Taken Down, Was against Xi Jinping

Fu Zhenghua is a key official in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) law enforcement system. From 2013 to 2018, he served as the Deputy Minister of Public Security . In 2015. He became the head of the “610 Office” (an organization that the CCP set up to persecute Falun Gong) He was the Minister of Justice from 2018 to 2020. Afterward, he was moved to a semi-retired post in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

On October 2, 2021, the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that it was investigating Fu for “serious violations of discipline and national laws.”

Epoch Times reported two cases in which Fu was against Xi:

The first case was the handling of the death of Lei Yang. Lei Yang was a Chinese environmentalist who died while in police custody in Changping District, Beijing. An independent autopsy confirmed that his death resulted from police brutality. The police said Lei was soliciting a prostitute in a convenience store and thus they arrested him. Lei’s family rejected the accusation.

When the case was reported, the general public overwhelmingly demanded that the police officers who abused their power be punished. Xi Jinping even gave an order, requesting to “address the case fairly and with justice.” However, over 4,000 Beijing police officers wrote a joint letter to Xi, to protest the arrest of their “comrades” and threatened to quit. Xi was furious for the threat and ordered an investigation. It turned out that Fu was behind the letter. Xi was afraid that if those police officers quit, the gangsters in Beijing might then be out of control, so, in the end, he yielded. The government let those police officers go.

The second case was reported by a wealthy businessman, Xu Chongyang from Wuhan, Hubei Province. He wrote an 18,000-word letter on how the officials stole his assets worth over 100 million yuan (US $16 million). His letter also revealed that Fu was involved in Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai’s anti-Xi work.

In Xu’s account, the Beijing police officers said to him during an interrogation, “You mailed a letter to Xi Jinping’s cousin, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Hu Jintao, and to Xi Jinping. Do you know, Hu Jintao is just a fool? If our boss Fu gave us an order, we could kill him right away. Xi Jinping’s cousin was also under our monitoring.” (Editor’s Note: Hu Jintao was the General Secretary of the CCP at that time, but he did not have full power. Former CCP head Jiang Zemin, though retired, held more power via his followers including Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai.)

During the same interrogation, a staff member pointed to another person, “See him? He is the younger brother of Fu Zhenghua. Don’t say we monitor you, we even dare to monitor Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping. We asked you to stop (Xi’s) car but you didn’t do it. We want to announce to the outside world that it was Xi who ordered us to arrest you and to kill you. (We will) ruin him!”

Source: Epoch Times, October 2, 2021