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Party Officials Take the Tang Ping Attitude

“Tang Ping” has become a social buzzword in China. It refers mainly to the younger generation, to those who choose to take a passive attitude toward life and to stay away from the fierce competition in China. This vast form of passive civil disobedience came at a time when the communist regime was promoting “working and consuming” to keep the economy running, as it faces international isolation. At the beginning of this year, the CCP’s mouthpiece People’s Daily issued number of articles urging young people to abandon this idea.

Recently, however, it appears that CCP party officials have taken on the “Tang Ping” attitude at work. On September 27, People’s Daily published an article that the CCP organization department in Longwan district, Wenzhou city of Zhejiang province wrote. The article highlighted a phenomenon that some party officials are holding a “Tang Ping” mentality because of re-election. It cited that some officials have stopped doing their jobs or taking any responsibilities because they feel they have reached their retirement age or they have little chance of being elected or promoted. The article appealed to the officials to change their attitude and not to “Tang Ping.” It asked them to change their mentality for the sake of the party and the nation and to put self-interest behind the bigger goal (of the party).

Source: People’s Daily, September 27, 2021