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Chinese Refugee Recalls Harassment Call From China

On September 27, Ding Yiduo, a refugee from China, shared with the Epoch Times about a harassment phone call he received from China.

In 2019, prior to China’s National Day, Ding posted comments in his WeChat account to support the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. He was detained, interrogated and threatened. After his release, Ding worked as crew member for a Chinese ocean carrier. In 2020, when he was on a business trip to the US, Ding decided to stay and seek refugee protection.

On September 25, Epoch Times published an interview with Ding about his experience in China. Two days later, Ding received a call from the chief of his village back home. The village chief called Ding a traitor and accused Ding because he vilified China and the party. He told Ding that if Ding can’t control the damage from the  Epoch Times‘ report, Ding’s name will be removed from his family’s genealogy.

Ding believes that the CCP public security bureau must have ordered the village chief to make the call, which was full of CCP propaganda and manipulation. He told Epoch Times he became more disappointed about CCP regime after the call. He thinks that he should do more to expose the evil nature of the CCP.

Source: Epoch Times, September 29, 2021