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Red Flag Manuscript: The China Model and Socialism

Red Flag Manuscript published an analytical article about the relationship between the China Model and Socialism. The article summarized four features of the relationship. 1) The China Model is based on a foundation of the great experience of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics; 2) The China Model is a socialist model at the primary stage of China’s socialism; 3) Persisting in the socialist principle and direction is the guarantee of the China Model’s continued success; 4) The future and fate of world socialism is determined by the success and failure of the China Model.

The author believes that “socialism replacing capitalism is inevitable in human development. … The world is paying more and more attention to the China Model and it is becoming more and more attractive.” The article concluded, “The ultimate success of a model lies not only in its success at home, but also in whether it inspires the world. The attraction of a model is not only in the success of economic development, but more so in whether it is founded on high moral ground. Economic success is the basis, whereas the soft power of values is where the real strength lies.”

Source: Red Flag Manuscript, September 22, 2011